Naj Qureshi had always dreamed of owning his own bass shop, and in 2017 this dream came true.

Naj’s passion has always been the Double Bass. Way back in the 19’s as his children like to call it, Naj started playing the bass and his passion for music took hold of him from an early age. He holds a degree in Double Bass Performance from Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia. After college, Naj’s career took him down a different path after seeing the competitiveness of the professional music world. He spent the next 10 years in corporate America working in a Fortune 200 company and climbing the ranks to senior management, but music (specifically the bass) had always remained his passion.
In 2017 during a vacation to Italy and after receiving a lot of encouragement from his wife, children and close friends, Naj decided to make his dream a reality.

Naj has made it his mission to get the highest quality hand carved Italian Basses into the hands of bassists at prices that are unbeatable for the quality of Ottava’s Inventory. Naj’s priority starting Ottava has been to make sure that any bassist has access to marvelous instruments crafted in the Old World Tradition at realistic, fair and uninflated prices.