We currently work with only the most reputable Modern Italian Luthiers that have an unparalleled history of putting out quality instruments. By buying direct from the source in Italy, we are able to offer unbeatable prices. These instruments are not mass produced, and the highest level of workmanship and artistry goes into every bass sold by Ottava Imports. The luthiers that we work with only craft 3-4 instruments per year, so they can give each instrument their total commitment to detail and craftsmanship that is lost when instruments are mass produced.

Ottava Imports is proud to have exclusivity in North America to award winning Italian Luthiers Roberto Salvianti and Guido Mariotto who are true masters of their craft.

At Ottava we are very aware and sensitive to the fact that buying a high level instrument is a major investment and we are very happy to offer financing options so that we can make our fellow bassists’ dream of owning the highest quality instrument a reality. Our ultimate goal is to put the highest quality instruments into the hands of Bass Players! We are happy to work with our customers on financing options. Call us for more information!

We take such pride in our instruments that we include a first rate bag for all our instruments at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

We are also proud to offer a complete range of accessories such as strings, mutes, rosin, and other necessities to bass players at prices that are unbeatable. Call or Email us for our complete offering and pricing!

At Ottava we like to think outside of the box and offer services that are not available through “Traditional Retailers”.

If your dream has been to record your own solo album, chamber music album, or even bass ensemble album, we have staff on hand and a partnership with a Grammy Award Winning Studio to make your dream a reality.

What sets our staff and recording engineers apart?

They are also Bassists! They understand how truly special our chosen instrument is and know the nuances of how to record the Bass and make it sound the best it can.

Call us for more information and pricing!